Outsourcing software and the strategic criteria to consider in 2022
November 2, 2021
mindit.io team

With digital transformation, your organization depends on creative applications and extensions that IT could provide. It's no longer about 'the best price wins! More and more companies look for differentiation; they want a partner who can create value from day one. Companies need to deliver results in key strategic ways. 2022 is no longer about the perfect match; it is about finding an outsourcing partner who understands that they need to adapt to the only constant that defines us: CHANGE.

Table of Contents

Why outsource and not hire?

What should I ask myself before outsourcing for the first time?  

Criteria for selecting the best partner

What matters when choosing an outsourcing partner?

What do you need to provide when you decide to outsource?

How does it work at mindit.io?

Why outsource and not hire?  

Typically, because of the increasing demand for tech talent and skill shortage in the global market. You certainly noticed the shortage, too, if you are looking to hire developers in-house. Also, the costs of recruiting locally can be much higher than outsourcing the job.

A lot of outsourced tasks can be carried out remotely, anywhere in the world. That means you have access to a much larger pool of talent compared to hiring locally. This means you can find not only the best but the most cost-effective. Win-win!

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Also, your competitors are probably doing it too for a good reason, but this isn't about them. It's about you, so keep scrolling to learn and choose the most suitable criteria to base your decision on.

What to ask for if you haven't outsourced before?

Operations with rising costs should be considered for outsourcing. Departments that might have evolved into uncontrolled and poorly managed areas are good candidates. With this in mind, you should find answers to the following questions:

What do you want to achieve?

Choose the right partner based on the proper criteria for you (there is no one size fits all)

Criteria for selecting the best partner can be, not limited to:



Strategic Relationship Management

Cultural alignment (values)

Technical fit & Expertise

Business understanding fit

Customers portfolio & References


Price vs. Quality


Risk attitude

Cost efficiency

Communication and collaboration




Decide if you need extended development or outsourcing

Nearshoring (also called extended software development) is a type of IT outsourcing. A group of engineers based in a nearby country works together with the client's in-house staff. Link- nearshoring Romania article

Typical outsourcing involves dedicated teams working on independent projects with minimal supervision and taking full ownership of the solution and the results.

What matters when choosing an outsourcing partner?

Besides the Criteria s for selecting the best partner, it is about what matters for you:

Which are the key strategic competencies that you are building?

What is the core of your capabilities?  

What about your value chain?  

Is it essential that your outsourcing partner knows your business domain?  

What is the technical gap that you are trying to cover?  

Is it about building a rapid advantage?  

What is your market and what are your competitors doing?

How can your business grow?  

Which are your strategies? (diversification, related, unrelated, vertical integration); where do you need a partner to balance the demand?  

Do you need rapid skills in your initiatives or can you afford to wait?

What do you need to provide when you decide to outsource?

Business, product, or projects overview;

Project's current situation;

Projections, objectives, expectations;

Have an idea of the budget;

Be ready to have someone internally working closely with your future extended team; identify and involve from the early discussions;

Dos and Don'ts if you have outsourced before.

How does it work at mindit.io?

We usually start with an Analysis meeting, in which we look through different lenses: business requirements, technologies fit, processes, deployment, and way of working. We then go to specific projects' needs and priorities, we estimate and build a team together.

Technical Expertise + business understanding + caring = how we do things at mindit.io

mindit.io is a Romanian-based team of talented professionals covering a broad range of technologies. Seriously, it's so wide we could talk about it for hours, but you can check it out here if you're curious. However, what sets us apart from other outsourcing companies is that we put people first. mindit.io is not just another tech supplier.  

It seems unrelated, but what makes us special as a partner is that we care a lot about our people. From a business perspective, this doesn't sound a lot like a competitive advantage. In reality, we think it is. By fostering an environment for growth and encouraging a proactive mindset in our teams, together with the client, we become on great team.

This approach applies to our business partners as well because we work hand in hand like we're part of one team. We mind your business just as we mind our own.

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