Reliable Integration Tests Using SpringBoot and Docker
September 15, 2020
Dumitru Pascu

For those who missed the live presentation held by Dumitru Pascu it is now available bellow.


Testing enterprise applications has always been challenging due to the large number of external dependencies that are not always available during development and testing. Developers write the code on their local machines and perform automated tests on CI pipelines using mocks for the external systems, only hoping that the code will still work when it reaches real-world testing environments.

Throughout the presentation, our colleague approached the following topics:

-   How to use Spring Boot, Docker, including docker-compose, and a couple of maven plugins to achieve integration testing with no mocks.

-   How to integrate Oracle and Elasticsearch as dependencies for integration tests.

A little sneak peek at our presentation

Part of a series of trials and errors of Dumi's experiences, this presentation contains arguments for which we perform integration tests on a Spring boot application using docker.

In this presentation we have a trivial example (a REST client inserting an user in an Oracle DB and in an Elasticsearch cluster), but a complete infrastructure setup. This setup could scale to support quite complex applications with lots of dependencies...

… we are done with the teaser for now, for more info check our video above


Dumitru Pascu

-  Is an experienced Java developer with domain knowledge in Telecom and Retail areas.

- He is the CTO at where he is involved in business development, presales and makes sure software development processes are constantly improved.

-   He likes to learn by doing.

-   His main career achievement is contributing to growth from 3 to 100 developers throughout a 5 years period.

Hopefully, you found this presentation to be valuable and will be able to leverage the information provided to help you grow.


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