Robo Advisor
August 24, 2021
Cezar Ginta

It’s 2021 and a good time to meet your first robot. Well, it is not actually a robot that does groceries and puts your clothes in the drawer, but it will do a tremendous effort to provide the best solutions in algorithm-driven planning, needing next to little human supervision.

Robo-Advisors are designed for investments and for the management of services that utilize mathematical algorithms in order to offer financial advice. They efficiently use algorithms to manage and allocate client assets in the most systematic way. Via online forms, Robo-Advisor qualifies clients’ risk aversion, financial status and his desired return on the investment.

Risk-appetite sits at the core of Robo-Advisor’s functioning mode. The degree of risk aversion is different for investors, thus, each individual can have a different goal and investment period. Robo-Advisor takes this into account when making algorithm-driven planning and delivers results based on preferences. Another important thing to mention is that the end-customer has the flexibility to adjust at any time his profile or investment area.

Some of the advantages of Robo-Advisor

- Creates optimal wealth management– the allocation of funds is a combination of risky and risk-free assets. When an investor sets a goal and profile, Robo-Advisor keeps track of economic conditions and makes adjustments on the weights of his assets.

- Allows for a high level of flexibility–users can invest by using the application via mobile phone or web.

- Functions with minimum human intervention – the only thing you need to do is set it up and check it from time to time.

The Robo Advisor will serve you best in Onboarding Processes and KYC, Portfolio Management Frontend, Document Management, as well as in Portfolio Management Integration.

Onboarding Processes and KYC tend to be automated nowadays due to the high level of demand. Robo Advisor makes this process simple, since it can send the requested documents to a human advisor for checking. In the same way, KYC can be sent for verification with less effort.

Document management is an important part of the client onboarding process and with the right capabilities, documents can be attached with ease, sorted by description.

Portfolio Management Integration will ensure that different elements from the portfolios are coordinated properly. By implementing Robo-Advisor, executives and management can have under observation both groups of portfolios and separate projects.

Robo-Advisor Architecture

Our success story

One of our customers, a fintech innovator, won aBanking Award in 2020. This client provides B2C financial assets management in Europe, an exclusive digital customer experience, alongside robo-advisory based on risk appetite and personal interests, all in a flexible and trustworthy system.

How can we help your Fintech reach powerful results?

- We add extend your platform with a Robo-Advisor;

- We help you with your positioning as a tech visionary and support you with the latest technologies;

- We track any regulation that your business must comply with by taking advantage of our technical experience in the field;

- We help you implement a Robo-Advisor and make it a solution for your future or existing users;

- We minimize exposure to cyber-attacks to ensure your data safety, while reducing costs with the help of an internal dynamic security solutions.

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