Robo-Advisor is reshaping the corporate landscape
March 21, 2022
Marketing Team

As the robo-advisory industry evolves to include complex robots able to meet a wide range of consumer demands, they have moved well beyond their status as simple tools instead into the very heart of financial services. Many of the qualities that today's financial services customers demands are present in robo-advisors: transparency, low-cost accessibility, and web-based experiences.

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Robo-advisors are software programs that use mathematical algorithms to provide financial advice for investments and service management. They use algorithms to effectively manage and allocate client assets in one of the most systematic ways possible. Robo-Advisor qualifies clients' risk aversion, financial situation, and desired return on capital via online forms.

Source: Statista

Assets under management are estimated to rise at a 16.72 percent annual rate (CAGR 2022-2025), resulting in a total value of US$2,842,101 million by 2025. From a worldwide perspective, the United States has the biggest assets under management (US$1,229,960m in 2022).

How we developed a Robo-Advisory platform for our partner

Our client is a fintech company that designed an investing algorithm that allows customers to put bets on their chosen investment themes. For example, they may decide to invest in precious metals, renewable energy, developing technology, or enterprises from specific parts of the world. Users are given information on each topic, along with potential gains and risks. The investing algorithm uses these parameters to do actions that enhance the customer's gain while funding the domains they desire.

Our main focus was to develop a scalable architecture to enable for parallel development and deployment, potentially for numerous partners. The project is built on microservices and hosted in the cloud, allowing for quick and agile development cycles, simple deployment, and minimal downtime.

To facilitate customization, a CMS (content management system) was employed to transmit textual and rich media material to the platform's various applications, enabling changes to be made on the fly by business analysts or product owners without directly contacting the application code.

The challenging part was to expand the platform's capability to accommodate more partners and diverse requirements; continuous improvement was required, and the platform now includes a mobile app, a back-office tool, and an alternative solution for onboarding customers oriented at bank representatives who guide new customers through the process using the platform. Each component of this suite was designed from the bottom up with whitelabeling as a significant feature, and each one is ready to be customized to the partner's specifications.

To reach a level of flexibility, our team conceived a plan where we developed a base version of each application, with custom made components specific to each partner snapping into this base, either overwriting or enhancing the functionalities. By implementing the whitelabel functionality the team managed to respond to different partner needs. This model was implemented for 6 partners of our client and there will be more to adopt this solution in the future.

Whitelabel Platform functionalities:

• Web & Mobile Platform

• Complex Onboarding Process including KYC

• Portfolio Management Frontend

• Document management

• Portfolio Management Integration

Mobile Interface

Web Interface

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