TIBCO BusinessWorks 6- Enterprise Banking and User Experience
October 20, 2021
Cezar Ginta

In the previous article about TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 we focused on why TIBCO is an innovation in enterprise banking, in case you missed it, here is the link https://www.mindit.io/blog-posts/what-is-tibco-businessworks-6-and-why-it-is-an-innovation-in-enterprise-banking.

We already know what distinguishes TIBCO in integration and enterprise software. TIBCO is a pioneer in the application of these technologies to real-time processing, making it simple to connect any application or device within an organization, discover crucial insights, automate business processes, and act on those insights in real-time.

In this article, we will focus on the benefits that TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 brings for both enterprise banks and users.  

What are the benefits for enterprise banks when they use TIBCO BusinessWorks 6?

With TIBCO there is more than meets the eye because, in terms of integration, TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 sustains the business mission by ensuring a proper infrastructure. If technologies such as TIBCO don’t work, services such as trades, delivery and flights would not be possible.

1) TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 is blending the infrastructure into the business model.

Most enterprises require an infrastructure that can sustain the large numbers of operations and with tools like TIBCO, everything can work smoothly and ensure that the platform is in line with the company business model. This makes BusinessWorks 6 a versatile integration tool with great respect to the company mission and proper functioning.

2) TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 explores a cloud-based future

One of the major improvements that TIBCO explored is the implementation of the cloud which will play an important role in years to come. There has been a strong change in the way enterprises make use of integration tools, many companies are migrating towards a cloud-based future and integration tools must have such capabilities.

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What are the benefits for the end-user when TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 is implemented?

End-Users benefit from the integration of TIBCO BusinesWorks 6 because the integration tool is more in line with their needs when they consider using the services offered by their banking provider.

1) The end-user has all the support needed throughout the journey.

Integration tools require a strong understanding of meeting end-user needs and TIBCO is in line with those needs. When the customer is faced with challenges those needs must be addressed fast and in an innovative manner. Engaging clients in real-time conversations are done with the help of integration tools like TIBCO and this establishes strong communication with the end-user.

2) The end-user benefits from an efficiently working platform and better response rate

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks 6 makes use of a scalable runtime that lowers hardware usage. Services are managed deployed and scaled separately from each other making the integrations flexible and adaptive, this creates an environment where the user is not concerned with new features that might slow down the performance on their device, leading to an efficient response rate.

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TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 is indeed an integration tool that is in line with the business model and ensures a fruitful experience for both enterprises and end-users.

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