Two teams – one passion. A shared spirit.
June 30, 2021
Tech has been working with Swisscom Health for two years. Swisscom Health is the leading provider of digital network solutions for the Swiss healthcare sector. is a Swisscom Health partner. is a software development company from Romania. In recent years, it has grown rapidly: now employs more than 170 people and is one of the top 20 software companies in Romania – and the only one founded by a woman.

“Although our roots are in Eastern Europe, most of our success has been achieved in German-speaking Europe, especially in Switzerland,” says Irina Arsene, Founder&CEO “And we are pleased that we have now even been able to enter into a partnership with one of our customers: Swisscom Health.”

Network solutions for the Swiss healthcare system has been working with Swisscom Health since 2019. Swisscom Health is a leading provider of comprehensive network solutions for medical service providers, health insurance companies and private individuals.

“We are happy to be able to support Swisscom Health in digitalising the Swiss healthcare system and making it even more effective,” says Anamaria Bumbar, COO

Passionate about our work

The focus of the collaboration between Swisscom Health and has so far been on the development of the electronic patient dossier, in which Swiss citizens can securely store personal documents containing information about their health online. It’s a pioneering project in the digitalisation of the Swiss healthcare system.

However, a collaboration is always characterised by different development steps. “Both sides have to get to know each other first and learn to understand each other. It’s about more than just business. It’s about a shared spirit,” says Lorenz Ruosch, Parners Manager at Swisscom Health. “It was all the nicer to get the sense that and Swisscom Health are equally passionate about their work.”

Product development is a long-term issue

Swisscom Health also appreciates the collaboration: “The teams work very well together. Their strengths complement each other superbly and that’s cool,” says Federico Marmori, CTO at Swisscom Health. “We are therefore open to further joint projects.”

Which Swisscom Health sees as a key reason for the partnership, since the prerequisite for working together is innovative companies that complement Swisscom’s strengths. “We are about long-term collaboration because product development is a long-term challenge.”

You can find out more about Swisscom Health here on the website.

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