Why DevOps should be an integral part of your business
August 8, 2022
Vlad Teodorescu Birla

DevOps is considered one of the newest IT branches that can be viewed as a mix between software development and operations principles.

The main reason why DevOps was created is to enable organizations to develop products faster and more efficiently. It’s about bringing your product to market in a quicker and more reliable way.  

We live in a time and age where time is our most valuable commodity. This applies not only to the business world but also to our day-to-day lives.

So, why should my business turn to DevOps?

By implementing DevOps, you’ll be creating new organizational processes that will enhance the cooperation between your development and operations teams. DevOps has the capacity to merge software development, QA, and countless IT operations (testing phase, reviewing phase, and deployments).

  • Recent IDC research predicts that the DevOps software market will reach $15 billion by 2023.

Having everything drawn out as a smooth and easy-to-understand process, DevOps automation will help your business with faster development times and easier maintenance when it comes to the underlying deployments.  

DevOps benefits for your business

Not only will DevOps shorten your development times, but it will also bring a lot of other crucial direct and indirect benefits for your business.

Improve your overall customer experience

  • 70% of businesses that have implemented DevOps have reported improvements in their customer experiences

Developing solutions faster also means more time to focus on other important segments of your operations, such as serving your customers.

Extra time to focus on innovative projects

With all the time your company can save by opting for DevOps automation, your entire team will finally have the necessary time to focus on those long-forgotten projects, pitch their innovative ideas, and put their creativity to work.

Nothing drives office morale faster than people working on something with passion. Believe it or not, DevOps can help in this regard as well.  

There are many benefits of implementing DevOps, but first of all, you must identify your needs to figure out the custom solutions needed for your business.  

mindit.io can help your organization achieve its business goals with DevOps

By implementing DevOps, your business can benefit from:

  • Automated software delivery (development, testing, infrastructure configuration, and management
  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD)
  • The DevOps artifact repository for building processes
  • The versioning system and iterative development
  • Frequent releases and application release automation
  • Real-time monitoring, code review, and continuous feedback integration

We offer a complete array of DevOps solutions for your business. Visit our DevOps page, or send us a message right here!  

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