Why outsource software development in 2022?
December 12, 2021
Cezar Ginta

To outsource or not to outsource is one question asked sooner rather than later. Today's article will focus on why you should consider outsourcing software for the following year. As mentioned in our previous article about outsourcing (link), outsourcing can be suitable for those companies that want to focus on activities oriented towards their core business and strategy. Moreover, one can argue that outsourcing eliminated the shortage of experts as any company can find experts outside their city or country by a quick search on the internet snice a significant part of outsourced jobs is created due to the digitalization of traditional industries such as healthcare, education, finance, banking, telecom.

With digital transformation, organizations have become dependent on the success of creative applications and extensions that the IT industry could provide. More certainly, IT has become a key competitive edge for most organizations.

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Functions that a software development company can outsource:

• Custom software development, where an app, web portal or platform can be tailored in such a way to meet business requirements or your customer's needs.

• Security and data recovery to prevent cyberattacks and the potential loss of data.

• Software maintenance and support to add innovative features and ensure the excellent functioning of the app.

• Operations with databases that require maintenance.

• Network and hosting maintenance related to the web functionality.

Why outsource from the point of view of the innovation and the changes that will naturally come.

Cloud introduces innovation in IT

Cloud computing's future may be seen as a mix of cloud-based software and on-premises computation, which will aid in the creation of hybrid IT solutions.

Organizations that adopt dynamic, cloud-based operational models are better positioned to compete in today's fast-changing business climate. These businesses not only see the short-term benefits of cloud computing, but they also position themselves to be early adopters of the disruptive developments that will shape the future. Cloud computing will progressively dominate company IT choices as it becomes more popular in the years to come.

Artificial intelligence is an important aspect

Artificial intelligence makes companies make decisions based on data, but they also simplify rudimentary tasks. Companies try to be competitive by implementing new solutions that deliver powerful results and value. The global AI market is growing at a high pace. Due to its constant shifting, companies will outsource more of this function to develop a better infrastructure that creates an opportunity for people and systems to come together. It is more common for us to get in discussions with a bot that qualifies what is needed from a human expert.

Blockchain services will be more frequent

The blockchain is a distributed ledger that keeps track of all transactions. The blockchain's novelty ensures the accuracy and security of a data record while also generating trust without a trusted third party. Decentralized blockchains are immutable, meaning that the data input cannot be changed, and this creates an opportunity for decentralized apps for financial services such as data exchanges.

Investments in the smart infrastructure

Modernity is embraced by building infrastructural systems such as distribution networks, electrical grids, communication networks, and transportation infrastructure. They serve as the foundation for daily life and enable the flow of goods, information, and services within urban and regional settings.

Businesses develop new products and services with the information technology infrastructure to stay relevant in today's market. Companies need to invest in infrastructure not to be left behind and lose competitive advantage. Companies develop new products and services with the information technology infrastructure to stay relevant in today's market.

From an innovation standpoint, all the aforementioned technologies can work together in a framework similar to the abovementioned figure. Cloud can move data with ease, and Artificial Intelligence can take data and transform it into a decision that can be moved even further in a blockchain. Without the requirement for a centralized administrator, blockchain allows network users to exchange data with high levels of reliability and transparency, leading to smart infrastructure.

Focusing just on the advancements of one technology would not allow companies to explore the complete spectrum of potential applications. Their interaction will increase exponentially as they develop, becoming increasingly sophisticated as other disruptive technologies become popular.


2022 will be an exciting year full of new chances for both enterprises and outsourcing providers.  When developing a business solution, you always have two alternatives: hire an in-house team or outsource the project. The dilemma comes in as outsourcing is about moving functions to a partner that you can trust and understand your needs. Once you find that partner, things get easy, and efficiency and expansion will be part of your strategy. We are more than happy to assist you with the services mentioned above.

Our expertise and teams of engineers set the bar for a standard in excellence. Moreover, we are partners in technologies such as Tibco and Microsoft Gold. Let's get to know each other, and let us help you grow!

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