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mindit.io is a fantastic place to start as a noob and grow as a pro (^_^) and of course the fun is in between!!
Mindit it’s the place where I’m going to work every day, but with a twist. :)
It's the place where it's true, you spend 5 days per week but this 5 days are days in which you meet your friends, you laugh, you learn, develop yourself,
stay on the sofa if you want to be more cozy, or even in the hammock when the weather  is nice.
We share with each other our achievements (both professional and personal), and sometimes we even cook together (or someone is cooking for us), like in a family.
People that gave me the opportunity to grow and discover skills that I never thought I have.
The place where I met great people, very different but driven by the same goals.
The place where I feel that I can make a difference and I enjoy coming and spending 9 hours a day :)
Mindit is a new and challenging experience for me. After having worked almost 10 years in a different environment with much stricter procedures and rules,
it was a very pleasant surprise to find in Mindit the type of employer that values people so much, promotes intrapreneurial culture and a performance-based reward system.
Overall encouraging professional achievements for every employee means helping them reach their potential, which is exactly what I want for myself.
In terms of business, Mindit has true values, goals and objectives and offers professional services to all clients, which I have seen already in daily activities,
so I can only expect great results in the future for everyone involved.
My power lies in my own personality, therefore I always choose my own path in achieving my goals. Mindit values reflects on my daily activities at work and outside work.
I almost always feel that, the right approach is not a traditional one, but more of a personal one. In Mindit we do think the same.
I think that people react easily to your attitude and character, rather than your requests, emails and rules. In Mindit we encourage people to embrace the same approach.
Everything must carry a personal touch. Mindit allows me to be friendly and understanding and in the same time taught me that a team is as good as its weakest member
– so everyone must be strong and work hard.
"I don’t stop" – trying is succeeding, We are convinced that everything is doable.
So what does Mindit mean to me? A place and many feelings that make me feel comfortable and with which, most of the time, I resonate.
It's the only place of work I've been in where all colleagues actually mind each other, help each other and that makes me feel part of a family, rather than a team
Mindit is the place I started to grow again. I was pulled away from the inertia I was in and started learning again. And, boy, it feels good.
The technologies used are varied and could please any picky developer. Mindit office is a very cozy and comfortable place to work at.
It feels familiar and the atmosphere is more of a home than that of an office.
The thing I enjoy the most, is that I am constantly looking forward to get to the office, and never experienced the feeling of not wanting to go to work,
even in the hardest of times.
Alex T

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