Dedicated Development Teams

If you also look for a deep understanding of your business along with excellent coding, the solution is having a team of developers that work exclusively on your project. "We mind your business" is not just a simple motto; it states the spirit that represents us. We aim to become our customers' first choice when needing a reliable, efficient, and caring outsourcing partner. Our dedicated teams include solution and software architects, business analysts, developers, integration engineers, and testers coordinated by experienced project managers.

The benefits of working with a dedicated development team:

  • Permanent focus on results and roadmaps
  • Reduced administrative overhead
  • High level of engagement within the team
  • Excellent understanding of the customer's business
  • Up to date technical skills and openness to the newest technologies

What our dedicated development teams help us deliver:

  • A well-informed and proactive development partner
  • Guaranteed throughput in delivering targeted functionalities
  • Active teamwork with your product managers, business users, developers and testers
  • Assumed business field expertise
  • Ability to scale the team according to immediate business needs
  • Flexible delivery methodology: we work efficiently with Agile or Waterfall

Work with a Gold Microsoft Partner

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner on Data Analytics, Silver on Cloud and a Microsoft Silver Application Partner gives us access to product information, allowing us to take advantage of the latest technology solutions and provide our customers with the experience and technology needed to develop first-class software solutions.

Our success stories’s work has streamlined company operations, resulting in savings. Their communicative and responsive approach ensures a smooth collaboration. They set realistic expectations and are honest with their capabilities. Ultimately, they’ve exceeded the client’s expectations.
Tim McConnehey
CEO, Izzard Ink
They deliver on-point results while maintaining an agreeable relationship with us.
Federico Marmori CTO, Swisscom (Schweiz) Health Department
Their resources are working well within our squads.
Peter Amrhyn CTO, Swisscom Trust Services AG
They are always ambitious to deliver the best possible solution.
Plant-Based Dev Product Company
Well executed customized software for automation, language processing, and machine learning. We have had a great experience with mindit for the past year. They have taken over much of our software development needs and automation. We have saved a few FTE and documented all of our processes to be consistent. We now have best in class royalty software system and publishing AI.
Tim McConnehey CEO, Izzard Ink

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