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We have experience in working with complex projects, and we also enjoy it. We can help you plan, design, develop, test, deploy and maintain large enterprise software projects for your organization. We can understand your business specifics, we can meet any particular needs, and master very complex requirements with end-to-end expertise. We create custom solutions and provide professional coverage of the entire application lifecycle.

Business Requirements Definition:

  • We are proud of our excellent Business Analysts who can record, understand, analyze and translate your needs into concise and fully documented business requirements;
  • They are an excellent link between the business users and the software architects.
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Enterprise Solution Architecture:

  • Our Solution Architects are coming with a long track record of implementing successful solutions to worldwide customers. They have experience in different areas such as retail, finance, and telecom;
  • We can design solutions that match your company reference architectures and roadmaps and also comply with domain-specific standards;
  • We know how to design  solutions in complex environments, integrating them with multiple ERPs, CRMs, ESBs, SCMs, etc. We can take over legacy applications and run them through a technology and business transformation process with zero impact on daily operations.

Solution Design

  • mindit.io Software Architects are responsible for translating the business requirements and solution architecture blueprints into detailed specifications. The specifications are used later by developers for their assignments or by testers when writing their test suite specifications;
  • The solution design includes specifications of the application services, components, data model, APIs, GUIs, etc.
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Systems Integration:

  • We know how to break down complex architectures into microservices, build new APIs or maintain existing legacy interfaces;
  • We follow standards and best practices. We are continuously developing our expertise and certifications in enterprise integration solutions provided by industry leaders.


  • Depending on the peering organization, we can apply modern or more conservative development methodologies;
  • We have dedicated Project Managers who ensure proper project communication and reporting. They     follow the agreed project plans and make sure the milestones are met. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are part of our standard     development process.

Quality Assurance:

  • Our Quality Assurance Managers make sure that final deliverables are in line with the business requirements. They follow enterprise standards and roadmaps that are ready to be integrated with the third-party components;
  • Our testers write test specifications that get automated (if possible) or manually tested during internal tests;
  • We don't limit the coverage to functional tests, but we run performance tests over the affected or new software modules delivered.


  • In complex environments, rollouts are more than simple technical upgrades. We are experts in performing fast data migrations and running smooth and rapid service upgrades;
  • Additionally, we perform post rollout service monitoring, and we proactively act if we notice the slightest service disruption.

Support and Maintenance:

  • Delivery is not finished when software is packaged and installed, but when it is actually used;
  • We back that up with guaranteed SLAs, prompt response times, and proper support levels to ensure that the operational goals are met.

Work with a Gold Microsoft Partner

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner on Data Analytics, Silver on Cloud and a Microsoft Silver Application Partner gives us access to product information, allowing us to take advantage of the latest technology solutions and provide our customers with the experience and technology needed to develop first-class software solutions.

Our success stories

mindit.io’s work has streamlined company operations, resulting in savings. Their communicative and responsive approach ensures a smooth collaboration. They set realistic expectations and are honest with their capabilities. Ultimately, they’ve exceeded the client’s expectations.
Tim McConnehey
CEO, Izzard Ink
They deliver on-point results while maintaining an agreeable relationship with us.
Federico Marmori CTO, Swisscom (Schweiz) Health Department
Their resources are working well within our squads.
Peter Amrhyn CTO, Swisscom Trust Services AG
They are always ambitious to deliver the best possible solution.
Plant-Based Dev Product Company
Well executed customized software for automation, language processing, and machine learning. We have had a great experience with mindit for the past year. They have taken over much of our software development needs and automation. We have saved a few FTE and documented all of our processes to be consistent. We now have best in class royalty software system and publishing AI.
Tim McConnehey CEO, Izzard Ink

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