Caring as the new business currency - Key takeaways from WomenTech Global Conference 2021


The WomenTech Global Conference is one of the leading events to celebrate diversity and women’s success in technology and leadership across the world. This year, more than 100,000 people tuned in to get inspired, gain fresh perspectives from technologists and leaders in companies such as Amazon, Discovery, Disney, Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft.

We are honored that has joined the ranks and couldn’t be more proud of our colleagues sharing ideas from the vision and culture with the world. For us, it’s not new information, but it was a great opportunity to celebrate reaching a point of maturity and wisdom in our journey as a company, as the ideas that we have been building on since our inception are merging together in a cohesive, people-oriented and successful recipe for company-growth by putting people first.

The feedback around the idea of Caring as part of your business growth is encouraging us to develop this idea more and more and to share it with the business world in the hopes that others can successfully employ it in their companies, cultures, and even personal life. Let’s start by doing a recap of what happened at WomenTech Global Conference 2021:

  • Keynote - Caring as the New Business Currency
  • Putting People First

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