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App-Connect Enterprise, an award-winning enterprise integration solution, can assist you in overcoming these challenges. ACE is the right software to use if you need data to flow between various applications across both hardware and software platforms. It enables you to simplify and manage connections across your IT assets, such as legacy applications, packaged apps, and Web services, as well as swiftly extract business-critical data from them.

Join us for the ABM ACE webinar if you want to know how IBM ACE can become an asset!

What you will find out:

How ACE works and its capabilities.

How data can become more accessible and actionable while maintaining the apps' functionality.

How ACE makes the best of both worlds, legacy software and modern software.

How to benefit from the implementation of cloud.


What is IBM?

Why IBM?

What is App Connect Enterprise (ACE)?

How does the App-Connect Enterprise platform work?



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