NRCC free Webinar: Outsourcing Software Services Landscape


Are you eager to find out how you can keep your business up with the ever-changing infrastructure and IT requirements? Get the best tips and tricks on why should you consider outsourcing a wealth investment, during an online webinar powered by Lucia Stoicescu, CO-CEO of

Join us online, for an interactive webinar presenting the 'Outsourcing Software Services Landscape', on Wednesday, 3 November, from 14:00 hours!

Webinar Agenda:

Why should you consider outsourcing for your company?
What to ask for, if you haven’t outsourced before?
What really matters when choosing an outsourcing partner?
What do you need to provide, when you decide to outsource?
How can you outsource fast, and how does outsourcing evolve over time?
How does it actually work at

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