How was Mind your Path to Success. Women in Tech event?


We all grew up with that “tech industry is a bit of a boys' club” mindset. Maybe it was a reality back in the days – and honestly at times it kind of still is, but more often than not it feels like diversity and equality are reaching a point of balance. More and more ladies are choosing the tech path and I bet some of you had no idea that the first computer programmer in the world was Ada Lovelace (1815 – 1852).

For those who couldn’t be there with us, we would like to invite you on a journey that points out the most important insights of the event. Speakers:

  • COO -Anamaria Bumbar
  • Maria Tudor - IT Recruiter
  • Ioana Miron - IT Project Manager & BA
  • Aura Paraschiv - Head of Support and KAM
  • Gabriela Stefan - BI Developer
  • Catalina Peltecu - BI Developer
  • CEO and founder of -Irina Arsene
  • Creativity and Procrastination powered by our dear partners, Adela Popa and Adriana Virlan, from Promocrat

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