Global organizations, as well as startups, have given us their mark of confidence for pushing new products to the market. We've meet their expectations of developing the proper business solutions in challenging, sometimes difficult contexts


We know that financial environments need a deep understanding of the industry and a strict application of processes. We've learned it from our experience with innovative banks and financial institutions that chose our support to integrate new technologies into their ecosystem


We're more than familiar with the healthcare industry. We have been chosen as a reliable partner of different service providers and we take pride in the solutions that we have designed, developed and deployed


The way you reach your customers is constantly evolving with the help of technology. We're in the pace, we have the proper skills to put your product in the spotlight with the help of online, mobile and social channels, while focusing on awesome customer experience.’s work has streamlined company operations, resulting in savings. Their communicative and responsive approach ensures a smooth collaboration. They set realistic expectations and are honest with their capabilities. Ultimately, they’ve exceeded the client’s expectations.
Tim McConnehey
CEO, Izzard Ink
They deliver on-point results while maintaining an agreeable relationship with us.
Federico Marmori CTO, Swisscom (Schweiz) Health Department
Their resources are working well within our squads.
Peter Amrhyn CTO, Swisscom Trust Services AG
They are always ambitious to deliver the best possible solution.
Plant-Based Dev Product Company
Well executed customized software for automation, language processing, and machine learning. We have had a great experience with mindit for the past year. They have taken over much of our software development needs and automation. We have saved a few FTE and documented all of our processes to be consistent. We now have best in class royalty software system and publishing AI.
Tim McConnehey CEO, Izzard Ink

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