Forecasting Retail Customer Demand with Machine Learning & Data Science

Get access to an insightful eBook about how global Retailers are building systems for demand forecasting down to a local or even shop level, considering a multitude of impacting factors, predictable and unpredictable

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What to expect from this eBook

  • An overview of the current state of the Retail industry

  • The challenges the Retail industry faces in 2022

  • How can you leverage the benefits of customer demand forecasting?

  • Examples of Values-Driven Consumption and some key actions to consider

  • Examples of how customer demand forecasting via ML and data science can provide solutions to existing problems

  • Explanation of all the technology and business concepts related to the main topic

  • How to predict demand with Machine Learning

Relatively Predictable External Factors

Recurring Demand Patterns

Impact of Business Decisions

Price Changes

Unpredictable Factors

Local events
Industry News
A global pandemic

What factors can be taken into consideration

How does customer demand forecasting aid retail businesses?

Never going out-of-stock

Cost Cutting

Increased revenue

Discover how Data Science is changing the way Retailers forecast Customer Demand

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