Innovation Partner

Whether you have hard technical challenges to solve, a legacy application which you want to upgrade or you simply want to create a product or service from scratch is your partner to work with. We see innovation from two perspectives:

Product Innovation

We have taken the challenge to design and develop brand new products and services for our customers. (And we loved it!)

We’ve worked closely together with them to deliver innovative new B2B or B2C offerings, or build enterprise services for improving business operations.

Our retail, healthcare, banking or telco customers are market leaders and innovators in their field, and is their selected partner to perform product innovation.

Technology Innovation

Innovation capacity of enterprises is their ability to develop long-term and sustainable technological strategies, to align to new trends, to incorporate new skills and to be able to address business requirements in a very rapid pace.

In the current economic environment, innovation is a key driver for the economic performance. Innovative organizations are the ones that remain competitive and in a leading position on their market.

Whether it is Mobile, Cloud Computing, BigData or IoT, mindit the right set of competences in order to become the best partner for enterprises that strive to be technologically competitive.

Our success stories

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Contact is a proud TIBCO partner. Read the story of a complex Integration Platform migration in the Banking Industry