Innovative Retail Sales Stimulation Solutions

Publicly listed global traveler retailer with 2200 shops worldwide, managing 1000 suppliers and hiring more than 25000 people.

Being the leader of the travel retail industry requires an agile approach and constant improvement of key business operation aspects. You need to innovate, use the latest technologies and create the right set of tools that are able to provide you a competitive advantage.

This is the context in which we helped our client to develop two innovative solutions for increasing sales and optimizing resource allocation among the 2200 shop network.

Sales Incentive Program

SIP is the ideal to motivate the sales force within the organization; It offers a precise mechanism of defining targets, inserting incentive schemes and analyzing results; It measures and boosts sales performance with the help of an intuitive interface.

Shift Planning

Shift Planning is a highly efficient tool for analyzing, supervising and forecasting the results of the retail business operations; It is an interactive appl that provides calculation of forecasted shop personnel at any given time. It is simple, easy to use and requires little training. Operations managers can use data from the past related to the volume, frequency of sales and people allocation, in order to optimize on-shop customer service and in the same time stimulate the sales to peak performance.

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