Forecasting Retail Customer Demand with Machine Learning & Data Science

Get access to an exclusive Whitepaper about how global Retailers are building systems for demand forecasting down to a local or even shop level, considering a multitude of impacting factors, predictable and unpredictable

What to expect from this whitepaper

  • An overview of the current state of the Retail industry

  • The challenges the Retail industry currently faces

  • Real examples of how customer demand forecasting via machine learning and data science can provide solutions to existing problems

  • A thorough explanation of all the technology and business concepts related to the main topic

Relatively Predictable External Factors

Recurring Demand Patterns

Impact of Business Decisions

Price Changes

Unpredictable Factors

Local events
Industry News
A global pandemic

What factors can be taken into consideration

How does customer demand forecasting aid retail businesses?

Never going out-of-stock

Cost Cutting

Revenue Incrase

Discover how Data Science is changing the way Retailers forecast Customer Demand

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