The future of banking has arrived. Are you in the loop?

This eBook is a 2022 must-read if you are in the banking industry. As fintech business models continue to drive innovation, this year is a tipping point for banking to deploy an effective digital transformation strategy. The next decade will put pressure on banks to either adopt a future-fit technology strategy and enable new levels of flexibility and resilience, or collapse.

WF Future Banking

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Banks are refocusing their efforts on innovation, sustainability, and IT.

  • Open Banking and Open Finance

  • Financial Wellbeing

  • New Competitors and Challengers

In this eBook you can

access the results and conclusions of a survey about banks’ emerging technologies plans for 2022.

IT enhancements for more innovative services

Topics that financial services execs should care about

Key points for a future-fit technology strategy

Banking technology priorities Survey Results


The State of Digital Banking

Discover banks’ technology priorities for 2022!

Knowing this kind of information can help you consider or prioritize certain technologies. That way you can make informed decisions on what tech stack you should consider in your strategy. If you want to know how to accomplish more with technology, just complete the form and get your eBook.

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