Join experts to discuss practical strategies to operationalize AI

21-22 September

We are one of the fastest-rising Romanian software product engineering companies.

We activate with both a local presence in Switzerland and the entire DACH area, and with international support from our specialized teams located in Romania, and worldwide.

At, every decision we take leads us closer to our visionary goal of becoming the partner of choice for data & product engineering to drive business growth and deliver an impact inside and outside your organization.

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AI Business Impact

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. You can choose to use AI to your advantage, or let it be used by others to help your competitors.

Main areas where AI can bring significant added value to your business:

Improving decision-making
Decreasing response times
Reducing human errors
Saving costs
Streamlining job processes
Processing a huge amount of data and interpreting it in real time
Automating business production
Performing labor-intensive or mundane tasks

Permanent focus on results and roadmaps

Shorten delivery time because we choose the right programmers according to each project’s specifics

Reduced administrative overhead

Access to the latest technologies stacks available today

High level of engagement within the team

Excellent understanding of the customer's business

Hiring and onboarding costs are eliminated

Maintenance and support

There’s so much more you can achieve by implementing AI models catered to your industry. And here are the numbers to prove it:

2 out of 3 executives think AI in business is crucial for their success.
70% of decision-makers believe AI helps them be more focused.
75% of owners say AI in business will help them explore new opportunities.
59% of executives say AI complements big data.
79% of executives believe that adopting AI in business will make their work efficient and easier.
+50% of executives say that the adoption of AI in business helps with product enhancements.

Your AI journey

4-Step AI adoption roadmap for your business

1. Needs Assessment & Goal Setting

Assess Current State: Evaluate existing systems, capabilities, and pain points.
Set Objectives: Define clear goals for AI integration aligned with business objectives.

2. Data Preparation & Infrastructure Setup

Data Cleansing: Ensure data quality and integrity for training AI models.
Infrastructure: Set up necessary cloud or on-premises infrastructure to deploy AI solutions.

3. Model Development & Training

Choose Algorithms: Select appropriate AI algorithms or frameworks for your specific needs.
Train & Validate: Use your prepared data to train the AI model and validate its accuracy.

4. Implementation & Scaling

Pilot Testing: Deploy the AI model in a controlled environment to evaluate its effectiveness.
Scale Up: After successful validation, scale the AI solution across the organization.

Meet our experts

Theodor Cristian Dimache
Technical Director

He has seamlessly transitioned from a product manager to a proficient software developer and architect. His expertise includes Data and Web solutions, with a focus on delivering top-tier Analytics and Business Intelligence Solutions.

Theodor's forte lies in holistic data handling, code mastery, and astute problem-solving. Guided by a tech-forward mindset, he leads the enterprise's adaptation to the dynamic demands of the 21st century.

Madalina Maria Pana
Key Account Manager

She wields a comprehensive background in IT, amplified by her pursuit of a Ph.D. in Engineering and Management. With a knack for orchestrating cross-functional teamwork, Madalina excels in dynamic landscapes.

Her core strength lies in fostering harmonious teams, fostering collaboration, and embracing innovation. With honed skills in planning, communication, and adaptability, she champions technology's transformative potential to reshape industries and lives.

Mona Hristachi
Chief Operating Officer

Mona Hristachi, a true servant leader, has guided many to embrace innovation and find meaningful professional growth. At she built self-sufficient teams and genuine partnerships. Her impactful leadership increased turnover by 2.5 times within a niche sector.

She drives automation, business development, and unity, maintaining 40% YoY growth. Described by colleagues as a devoted blend of people-oriented leadership and process orientation, she is a partner of choice for our entire community.

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About the conference

At the Swiss IT Forum, we plan to share insights on "Beyond the Hype: Operationalizing AI for Business Success." We will navigate the synergies between innovation, business strategy, and the limitless possibilities of AI.

In this presentation, we will look beyond the hype and buzzwords of AI and machine learning, delving into the real-world implications and applications of these powerful technologies. A key focus will be on Generative AI using GPT-4, emphasizing the importance of alignment with business objectives and data readiness.

Beginning with a broad overview of AI and machine learning, we'll debunk common misconceptions and provide attendees with a clear, jargon-free understanding of the technologies. Following this, we'll introduce the practical aspects of GPT-4, explaining how its language modeling capabilities can be leveraged to enhance various business operations.

A substantial portion of the presentation will be dedicated to demystifying the implementation process using several examples. We'll guide attendees through the key steps, including aligning AI projects with specific business objectives, ensuring data readiness, and measuring the performance and impact of the implemented solutions.

Lastly, we'll explore potential challenges that businesses may face during the AI implementation process, such as data privacy concerns, biases in AI models, and the need for human oversight. By addressing these issues head-on, we aim to equip attendees with the knowledge and confidence to successfully operationalize AI for business success.

By the end of this presentation, attendees will have a clear understanding of the practical applications of AI and will be equipped with the knowledge to leverage these technologies to drive real results in their organizations.

I’m not attending the Swiss IT Forum , but I’d still like to book a meeting. What can I do?

Meeting with us at the Swiss IT Forum would be the ideal context. However, we understand that schedules can be hectic, so we extended the opportunity of a dedicated meeting to non-attendees also. If you're unable to attend the Swiss IT Forum event but are keen on exploring AI solutions with our experts, we can make it work.

You can still reserve a valuable meeting slot with any of our three experts by completing the form above. Whether you're seeking insights into AI, software product engineering, or team dynamics, our experts are ready to engage in insightful discussions and provide personalized solutions tailored to your business needs.

We will find a  suitable time to make sure that you get a chance to connect with the team.
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