Our Values

              mindit.io Vision: A kind community shaping global software engineering
mindit.io Mission: Partner of choice for our people, our customers, our community

Partner of choice

Working with a mindit.io dedicated team is more than just delivering quality projects on time; it's about learning our partner's business. We are ready, willing, and able to understand business and provide peak IT solutions for our partners.


Our teams are made of top professionals in their fields. Whether we talk about skillful seniors or innovation-driven millennials, they all have one thing in common: energy ready to be turned into a masterpiece.


mindit.io offers a wide range of services to meet your requirements. They often contain multi-skilled and talented professionals that can produce high-quality results for your company and target market. We implement creativity in every project, and our teams ensure authenticity and a creative flow with every chance they get.


When we're all driven by the same purpose, adding value to our partners' businesses, everything goes clockwork. In this way, our bright developers team up with sharp business analysts and excellent PMs to deliver their best.

Our Organigram

At mindit.io , our Organigram is a flower, with each petal being a functional team – the cell that we replicate as we scale-up, growing exponentially. We are proud of this image that reflects so beautifully our flat organization - a people-driven culture, where we mind each other and we grow together.The Organigram reflects the interaction between roles and focuses on playing the role that shall bring the most value to the team.

The culture is driven through empowerment and ownership that blend together to create value, in a quest to transfer from an effort mindset towards a results-oriented organization that is partnering with all people involved in the value chain and adding new petals every month.The petals are grouped by customer to reflect the partner of choice core value that is at the basis of our journey.We are a reinventing organization, innovating through organizational culture, building something unique that represents us and allows us to dream even bigger.


Best Benefits Strategy
@ Employer Branding Awards 2022
Fastest Growing Company of the Year Award


We have been working with mindit.io to develop our mobile technologies demo portfolio, consisting of more than ten applications, both Android and iOS. In the few years that we have collaborated, the mindit.io team has virtually become part of ours. They have been passionate, hardworking, and genuinely dedicated to delivering according to our very high standards. For us, mindit.io has been way more than a supplier of services. They have been a partner.
Product Manager, Telecom
I had the opportunity to work with Mindit on several projects for more than 2 years. The people were innovative, creative, self-motivated and able to deliver and overcome any challenge that we faced. When signing up with Mindit you don’t only get a committed partner but also a real extension of your team.
Mindit fits perfectly with aggressive deadlines and high quality standards and they always provided added value. You can see real people with high technical acumen taking care of your applications.
Infrastructure Manager, Major Retail Company
Professionalism in approach, delivery focused with the ability to understand processes and flows, both functional and technical. A trustworthy partner for any company.
Head of Global Corporate Applications, Major Retail Enterprise
Excellent progress is being made under challenging conditions, and the team is dedicated, responsible, and committed to our goals. The roadmap for 2022 will be substantial and complex, but we are in a fantastic position to have more impact and bring value to the business sectors.
Russell Deaney, Global IT Corporate Applications Manager

Our Team

Laurentiu Amitroaie
Irina Velea
Irina Arsene
Aura Paraschiv
Anamaria Bumbar
Lucia Stoicescu
Maria Ionescu
Claudia Istrate
George Munteanu
Oana Negoita
Mihaela Burduja
Alex Puiu
Andrei Cenusaru
Silviu Balaci
Adrian Tepsan
Dariana Barbul
Sabina Bahna
Alexandru Pinta
Larisa Pasnicu
Mihai Chiripuci
Mircea Zazloti
Cristi Vlad
Andrada Covaci
Andreea Serea
Bogdan Ghinet
Pontus Stand
Beatrice Luca
Bogdan Hasan
Bogdan Lemnaru
Carol Krompaczki
Claudiu Vaida
Adrian Dilita
Silviu Paunescu
Daniel Simionescu
Eduard Sorescu
Laurentiu Ene
Ioana Miron
Victor Dobre
Lavinia Mazilu
Ligia Joita
Stefan Patrascu
Lucian Cismaru
Ailin Ismail
Narcisa Buliga
Michael Constantin
Andrei Carindatoiu
Mihai Matei
Bianca Paraschiv
Alexandru Voinea
Simona Hasan
Cassandra Lazar
Stefan Oncioiu
Theo Dimache
Eliza Ancuta
Ioana Vasile
Sebastian Teodorescu
Gabriel Despa
Claudiu Paun
George Miclea
Ioana Moisescu
Vlad Teodorescu B.
Dragos Stanescu
Ionut Pacureanu
Zsolt Balint
Ioana Ionescu
Eduard Moroianu
Adrian Francu
Luiza Petre
Oana Aioanei
Madalina Hagiescu
Catalin Baboi
Roxana Irinciuc
Andrei Tudorache
Anastasia Turcan
Anelis Burlacu
Ionut Suteu
Robert Luca
Mariana Vlase
Irina Murtazaeva
Samuel Fodorean
Laura Spanache
Zoltan Mate
Roxana Rasoiu
Vlad Blaj
Alexandru Dicu
Adrian Ciobotea
Marius Coscodari
Eduard Tira
Adrian Radulescu
Razvan Ion
Giorgiana Ciocan
Alexandru Lupu
Adrian Savulescu
Alexandru Botarel
Alex Iordache
Remus Cretan
Alisa Stefan
Alexandru Chelariu
Andreea Moldovan
Tudor Ardelean
Alexandru Vasiliu
Vlad Vasile
Iulian Tofan
Alexandra Zbant
Vlad Creanga
Gabriel Stoicescu
Andrian Stroe
Andrei Stoicescu
Bogdan Troanca
Catalin Vasile
Andreea Stoica
Daniel Simionescu
Rares Simedrea
Costel Rus
Adrian Radulescu
Alexandru Pascu
Florin Omran
Raluca Pacurar
Octavian Tinca
Cristina Popa
Cosmin Panaite
Gabriela Ganea
Elena Paicu
Razvan Rusen
Andrei Saizu
Lucian Scripcariu
Sebastian Severin
Adrian Salamon
Denis Naste
Tudor Grigoriu
Claudiu Munteanu
Antonia Nicorescu
Madalina Magdalena
Cosmin Margarit
Andreea Lupascu
Daria Manolescu
Delia Ogrezean
George Negoescu
Catalin Manolache
Micu Cristian
Venera Macsinoiu
Vlad Muresan
Melinda Toth
Monica Mocanu
Liviu Ianculescu
George Gogoncia
Ana-Maria Krasovschi
Flaviu Lupan
Florin Lungu
Andreea Jurj
Lavinia Podlog
Constantin Jipa
Estera Fodorean
Iulia Chircusi
Iulia Cristescu
Crina Lupu
Ioana Solcan
Andrei Macovei
Raluca Hutanu
Tunde Kecseti
Valentin Craciun
Oana Crisan
Stefan Filip
Stefania Danila
Dorin Ciocian
Elena Zenaida
Catalin Cupcea
Cristian Cimpan
Cristian Dimciu
Fabian Cruceanu
Alex Ernila
Bogdan Craciun
Dragos Puiu
Maria Draghici
Bogdan Condescu
Mario Calus
Andreea Basa
David Bogdan
Andrei Belcin
Elena Bondoc
Cristian Boanta
Maria Bistreanu
Alexandru Celmare
Vasilica Cernovschi
Camelia Burcea
Andrei Benegui
Mihai Botez
David Chiriac
Antonia Dobrescu
Radu Gheorghe
Vlad Cimpoeru
Georgiana Tesu
Cristian Vlad
Madalina Pana

Work with a Gold Microsoft Partner

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner on Data Analytics, Silver on Cloud and a Microsoft Silver Application Partner gives us access to product information, allowing us to take advantage of the latest technology solutions and provide our customers with the experience and technology needed to develop first-class software solutions.

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